What We Do

Bearing housings have been around since the bronze age and have kept industries moving for thousands of years. Over time, these products have evolved to become better suited to their purpose. As one of the leading bearing housing designers, manufacturers and suppliers, Arvis is at the centre of this evolution. 

Exceptional quality

Arvis is well-known for the exceptional quality of its products. They are not the mass-produced standard options found on the internet, which are made of cheaper cast iron. We have developed our own range of steel bearing housings to replace these. The result for you? Stronger products that eliminate breakages and therefore reduce downtime and save you money.

Design to your requirements

At Arvis, we design to your requirements. While we have certain products in stock, people come to us for custom bearing housing designs that can’t be bought elsewhere. Our design team can create completely tailored and unique products, or replicate existing designs using the latest materials – meaning you don’t have to worry about obsolete or imperial bearing housings. All of our designs incorporate split housing, making maintenance quicker and easier as there is no need to dismantle entire machines.

Complement not compete

Our excellent reputation with some of the world’s biggest bearing manufacturers means they come back to us time and time again for all types of bearings, be it a pillow block bearing, a flange bearing, a journal bearing, a thrust bearing or a wheel bearing. As their chosen bearing housing company to partner with, we complement their service rather than compete with it – designing, manufacturing and distributing quality products worldwide.