How can we help?

Our friendly team is always ready and willing to help. Here are a few of the most common questions we get asked, but if you need to know anything else, just get in touch.

Why should I use Arvis as my supplier?

Our track record at meeting your requirements and expectations is unrivalled in the bearing housing industry. Give us a try and join the growing band of satisfied customers!

I can’t find what I require in your catalogue. What should I do?

With so many types of bearings and housing, it’s impossible to show them all in a catalogue. But rest assured, we’re always at the other end of the phone or email to help you find exactly what you need.

I can see something similar to what I require but the sizes don’t match. Can you still help?

Don’t worry, all our blocks can be modified or manufactured to suit your requirements. Just get in touch to let us know what you need and we’ll do the rest.

Where can I get bearings for furnace applications?

Right here. Arvis has been supplying self-aligning high-temperature bearing housings for applications for decades, which are suitable for temperatures up to 1,000°C.

Where can I find bearings to run in water?

We have a range of bearing materials suitable for running in water and chemicals. Tell us exactly what you need and we’ll find the solution.

I require bearing housings for a food application. Can you help?

We have been supplying FDA-approved bearing housings in stainless steel for many years. We can also supply the inserts in stainless steel, although you may prefer to fit your own.

We also manufacture plain bearings and bearing housings in plastic or plated bearing housings with any proprietary plain bearings material suitable for your application.

Are split flange bearing housing units available?

A full range of split flange 4 bolt housings are available with different bush materials such as bronze bushes, Vesconite bushes and Deva bushes.

The felt seals in my housings are not lasting very long. Do you know why?

Felt seals often fail due to a lack of oiling. Our team always ensures all seals are oiled prior to assembly, which avoids premature wear and tear.

My bearing housings are breaking. What should I do?

We offer heavy-duty steel bearing housings for a huge range of bearing types, which come with the Arvis guarantee. They are also of a split design, so can be fitted separately without dismantling other parts around them. For exceptionally strong rolling element bearings, try the Solid FC bearing housings with fitted bolts. But remember, we can tailor all our products to exactly what you need.

Does Arvis make other products as well as bearing housings?

Yes. As well as having our own product range of bearing housings, we supply many companies with subcontracted engineered components. Like the rest of our products, all are produced to ISO9002 standards.