We’re trusted by many different industries around the globe, here are a few of them: 


Steel bearing housings provide the strength and resistance the steel industry counts on for machinery that can deal with intense temperatures, as well as extreme levels of vibration and heavy loads.


As demand for recycling has increased massively during recent years, so has the demand on the machinery that keeps the industry moving. Custom bearing housings maximise on performance and contribute towards the fight for sustainability.


The quarrying industry relies on machinery that can endure the challenging and severe conditions of the environment. Industrial bearing housings and seals protect against heavy loads, tough terrain and dusty surroundings.


Mining takes place in some of the toughest, most remote places on earth. Durable machinery with long-lasting, high-temperature bearing housings that cope with vibration and heavy loads is essential to avoid costly downtime.

Marine and offshore

Our range of industrial bearing housings protects the complex workings of marine equipment from the severe conditions of life at sea – keeping the industry moving and, importantly, its people safe.


With rising fuel costs and complex new regulations, the last thing farmers need to be worried about is their machines breaking down. Precision bearing housings keep agricultural equipment running no matter the terrain, soil structure or elevation of land.