Product Information

Self aligning.

DO NOT suddenly fail as a rolling element but wear extremely slowly and replacement can be planned.

EASY Replacement of shells without dismantling the whole unit and its connected drives.

A ring oiling bearing will run trouble free for years with very little maintenance.

A full range of Imperial and metric units available from stock. These units have split bearings, housings and seals. A gasket between chair and cap prevents oil leakage at this point. The split seals at each end grip and rotate with the shaft and prevent any escape of oil along the shaft.

Provision is made in the cap to enable the gunmetal bearings to be correctly adjusted in the housing seating. 
The oil level gauge and drain plug are fitted as standard and can be fitted on the opposite side to the illustration at extra cost.

Special collars can be fitted inside the housings to take up thrust. These are not split and have to be arranged on the shaft before fitting the bearings. The chamfer on these collars must be away from the bearing face.

  • Suitable for high speeds
  • Designed for fans and similar applications.
  • Quiet in operation
  • Compensate for misalignment occurring after erection.


The bearings are accurately bored to BS4500: Section 1.1:1990 ISO 2861:1988, E8 limits. For general use standard bright mild steel shafts or turned shafting to h8 limits can be used.

For more selective uses where high loads and speeds are required the shaft journals should have a ground or lapped finish and the clearance between the journal and bearing diameter should be 0.0015in for each inch of diameter (0.0381mm for each mm of diameter).


For ambient temperatures O°C to 30°C use Shell Tellus Oil 37, Shell Rotella “S” Oil 10W or an equivalent. For ambient temperatures 30°C to 60°C use Shell Tellus Oil 33. Shell Rotella ‘S’ Oil 20/20W or an equivalent.

Need Something Custom?

We design to your requirements. So if you need custom bearing housings, we can supply what you need quickly and efficiently.