PB Range Plummer Block Housings

Product Information

  1. Pre-Mounted – Glacier DU or DX steel backed bearings are pre-mounted in captive inner members. Accommodate shaft misalignments up to 15º
  2. Self-Aligning – Precise positioning and accurate alignment during installation are unnecessary
  3. High Performance – Eliminates edge loading thus allowing full use to be made of DU and DX performance
  4. Long Life – DU and DX give long life with minimum maintenance. Sealing is unnecessary in most applications.
  5. Easy Assembly – Working clearance of bearings on shaft eliminates press-fitting needed with some rolling element bearings
  6. Economy – Standard stock sizes offered at low unit and low assembly costs. DU and DX ensure low operating costs.
  7. Shaft Location – Shaft collar or shoulder can provide axial location where necessary. If moderate thrust is expected standard Glacier thrust washers can be included.
  8. Standard Range- Three types – Plummer (or pillow) block, Four bolt flange mounting. Two bolt flange mounting.
  9. Ex-Stock – Metric and Inch ranges available ex stock for nominal shaft diameters from 10mm to 100mm and 1/2″ to 4″.
  10. Materials- Standard bearing housings are grey cast iron. Other materials are available (See ‘Specials’) Bearings can be specified in DU or DX material according to requirement. Both materials are supplied with pre-finished bores.
  11. Selection- DU is a high performance dry-bearing material, used where lubrication is impracticable or undesirable and where the operating temperature is between -200ºC and +280ºC. DX gives outstanding performance when greased on assembly only. Re-greasing at extended intervals prolongs performance indefinitely. DX is suitable for operating temperatures up to 120ºC.
  12. Specials – Pre-mounted self-aligning bearings other than the standards listed can be supplied to special order. more info use to be made of DU and DX performance

Need Something Custom?

We design to your requirements. So if you need custom bearing housings, we can supply what you need quickly and efficiently.