Arvis Load Ratings

Product Information

Estimated safe radial loads for exalign units based on the strength of the cast iron outer housing.

Glacier plain bearings materials can be used in high load applications. The maximum permissible loading for the bush, particularly at low rubbing speeds may exceed that for the Exalign housing or securing bolts.

  1. Check from the table below that the load does not exceed the limit for the cast iron housing.
  2. For full technical information on the various bushes, go to www.ggbearings.com
  3. Note that the thermal conductivity of these units is such that, in the ‘Application Factor’ for both DU & DX calculations a housing of a ‘Light pressing’ nature should be used.

Casting NoBush SizesMaximum Bearing Load
PB TypeFL & DF
3301 1/81 1/495521009181800
435401 3/81 1/21 5/81730380011002400
5451 3/42300510012002600
6501 7/822500550014503200
75560652 1/43050670016003500
870752 1/22 3/42800620017303800
10901003 1/247450164006700

For Higher loads consult our sales department.

Standard bearing housings are made in grey cast iron. Other materials are available (See ‘Specials’) Bearings can be specified in DU or DX material according to requirement. Both materials are supplied with pre-finished bores.

As a general guide on selection. DU is a high performance dry-bearing material, used where lubricant is impracticable or undesirable and where the operating temperature is between -200ºC and +280ºC. DX gives outstanding performance when greased on assembly only. Re-greasing at extended intervals prolongs performance indefinitely. DX is suitable for operating temperatures up to 120ºC.

Pre-mounted self-aligning bearings other than the standards listed in this leaflet can be supplied to special order.
Variations from standard include: Bearings for shaft diameters over 100mm – Split housings to allow for assembly in awkward locations or to provide a greater length of bearing. Housings with provision for re-greasing (As an alternative. re-greasing can be through shaft end drilling). Housing for special applications made in SG iron or corrosion resistant materials.

Need Something Custom?

We design to your requirements. So if you need custom bearing housings, we can supply what you need quickly and efficiently.